Bio-X Capsule

BioX Capsule is a unique formulation for vigour and vitility made up with 15 natural herbs and minerals and works as a stamina enhancer for men. it contains ingredients like saffron, swarna bhasma, shilajit, ashwagandha that gives stamina and power. Biox capsules work as mood enhancer, helps in increasing stamina and power, testosterone booster, reduces stress and daily energizer. it has no side effects and it is free from steroid. Biox is 100% natural medicine and approved by Ayush.

Key Ingredients


Provide stamina and increase hormone for libido


Provides power and helps in resroring energy in body


Helpful in rejuvenaration and aphrodisiac in nature


Reduces stress and has anti anxiety effect


  • Boost energy and stamina

  • Relieves stamina

  • Improves sperm count

  • Daily energizer

  • Reduces performance based anxiety

  • Helpful in vigour and vitility

  • Improves performance and aphrodisiac in nature


  • In dosage add 1 capsule after meal with glass of milk or as directed by physician