Giloy- known as ‘Amrita’ (means the root of immortality) and ‘Guduchi’ in Hindi, it helps augment immunity. It has antipyretic activity thus, efficacious against fever, and jillions of collagen fibres rejuvenating the skin, plus complement wound contraction and healing. It is also an immunomodulator thus steps up your immunity and increase the count of leukocytes.

Amritavalllari has an anti-proliferative sphere, thereby a saviour against breast cancer. To our astonishment, this herb can prevent from the fatal snake and insect bites as well.  3-4 inches of giloy of consumed daily can discard a flock of lifestyle issues. So, pump up yourself with this heart shaped leaf and stem which has bountiful benefits.

Giloy has assorted medicinal properties, let us whirl around it’s curative dimensions –

  • Immunity Booster – The ‘Powerhouse of Anti-oxidants’ keeps cells healthy by destroying free-radicals and toxins accumulated inside them. It purifies blood by eliminating foreign particles and disease causing bacteria thus activates immune system.
  • Chronic Fever – Due to it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-pyretic activities, giloy is effective against dengue fever if consumed regularly, it also maintains the platelet count in blood. Hay fever(allergic rhinitis) can also be cured by giloy as it is a good appetizer and reduces the symptoms of itching, nasal discharge, sneezing and nasal obstruction.  It is also effective against malaria and recurrent fevers. 2-3 tsp of giloy juice diluted with water when engluted early morning with empty stomach  helps in speedy recovery.
  • Diabetes – Amrita works wonders especially against type 2 diabetes, it’s bitter taste helps manage blood glucose levels. It also eradicates diabetes related complications like kidney damage, ulcers and wounds.
  • Respiratory issues – Problems of frequent cough, cold, tonsils and throat infection can be resolved with the help of giloy for it has anti-microbial properties. Asthma can be treated by chewing giloy roots regularly. It extracts mucous hypersecretion associated with the disease.
  • Digestion – Poor digestive and bowel related disorders can be cured by giloy stem as it contains an enzyme called amylase which aids in starch digestion and thus load your body with carbohydrates and energy.
  • Stress and Anxiety – Giloy is an adaptogen and so relieves stress. It works by suppressing sympathetic nervous system thereby releases anxiety and brings subtle mobility with increase in memory.
  • Aflatoxicosis – Aflatoxin induced poisoning in kidney can be rectified by alkaloids and anti-oxidants present in giloy which destroys toxins and free radicals with increase in blood flow.

The root of immortality has several undiscovered secrets of therapeutic properties. But you can rediscover your body with this versatile herb and add an inch to your daily routine.