Apoliv Syrup

Bioqor™ Apoliv Syrup is an advanced formulation made with 100% herbal extracts. It acts as hepatoprotective brand useful to improve liver function, balancing liver enzymes like SGPT, SGOT,ALT, AST using researched based composition.

Its liver protective properties gives natural treatment against liver damage due to drug abuse, alcohol usage, NASH, liver cirrhosis, jaundice,etc.

Apoliv syrup is also helpful in regulating bowel movement, digestion and gastric condition.


key ingredients


Hepatoprotective agent helpful in reducing SGPT & SGOT level


Maintain AST and ALT


Maintain AST and ALT


Maintain AST and ALT


  • A Natural NSAID: cure pain in knees, muscle, joints by acting as natural NSAIDs with no side effects

  • Cure arthritis: contains anti inflammatory compounds that helps in reducing inflammation in joints and cure arthritis

  • Balance electrolytes: Bioheal tablet balance electrolytes like calcium and phosphate in bone and thereby maintain calcium in bone

  • Helpful in relief: from gout pain, joint pain, stiff neck and other muscle ache with no side effects


  • ADULTS :  10ml 2 times or 3 times after meal or as directed by physician
  • CHILDREN : 5ml twice after meal or as directed by physician

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