Sugoless Capsule

Diabetes or blood sugar is due to too much sugar in blood due to many reasons including pancreas that doesn’t release insulin in proper amount that can overcome sugar in blood. And this glucose builts in blood streams instead and can damage many areas of body. More over, diabetes drugs have side effects of having nausea, vomiting, vitamin B12 deficiency, stomach illness that have been noticed from the patients.

Sugoless capsule is for diabetes management and it contains ingredients like gudmar and jamunseed which lowers down the release of glucose in blood and increase insulin level. It Contains insulin like compound called polypeptide P which is natural insulin.

Key Ingredients


It blocks receptor in intestine and thus sugar absorption and lowers post meal blood glucose level.


Contains insulin like compound called Polypepride- P or P-insulin which controls diabetes naturally


Rich in laxatives which helps in insulin production


Jamboline and jambosine are phytochemicals that helps in slowing down and release of sugar and gives boost to insulin production.


  • Type 2 diabetes


  • 1 capsule twice a day before meal or as directed by physician